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Stentech's frame-manufacturing department can make any shape and size according to our customers' needs. Frames can be made of aluminium, steel, plastic and most any kind of material. Frames can be cast, formed, welded, screwed, and/or bolted together. Frames can also come in varying thicknesses and wall geometries. Stentech carries a large inventory of regularly-sized frames in house.

There are many different types of frames used for emulsion screens, but metal frames are generally used in the electronics industry. The frames can be made of aluminum extrusion (tubular) welded at the four corners, or of die-cast aluminum. The frames are generally made to fit specific printing presses, so flatness, hole location and size dimensions are very important. The other critical factor is that the mesh on the frame must be held to a specified tension. This tension information is supplied by the mesh manufacturer.

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