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Surface Mount Process Carriers

Surface Mount Process Carriers are engineered to completely fixture a circuit board during the overall assembly process. These carriers are made of high-temperature semi-conductive composite materials, used from start to finish in the assembly process.

Surface Mount Process Carriers have many features and benefits which enhance automated assembly and increase production by:

  • Reducing set-up time.
  • Eliminating unnecessary PCB board handling by operators.
  • Minimizing board warping.
  • Eliminate expensive hand masking and labour costs.
  • Standardizing process repetition.
  • Machine parameters.
  • Minimizing soldering defects.
Surface Mount Process Carriers are made of composite materials with advantageous features such as:
  • High-temperature compatibility to endure repeated cycles through the re-flow.
  • Material stability to ensure board alignment is consistent.
  • Chemical resistance for increased durability through harsh cleaning process.
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