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Inspection Templates

Inspection templates enhance the visual inspection process by guiding the operator's eye to a specific location on the board to check for the presence and correctness of components.

Stentech uses state-of-the-art laser machinery to produce accurate openings for easy overlay on the boards.

Benefits of inspection templates:

  • Verifies SMT and PHT component placement
  • Verifies no load and polarities
  • Faster and more accurate than visual inspection
  • ESD material used
  • Extra text can be used for special identification and reference designators
  • All markings can be half etched and filled with epoxy

Stentech builds inspection templates designed using your Gerber and silkscreen files to create openings in the template.

Placing the ESD Vision Inspection template over the board will help:

  • Catch wrong or missing parts early in the production cycle.
  • Guide the inspector's eyes to the selected area only.
  • Speed up the inspection.
  • Reduce new hire training time.
  • The process be highly accurate, cost-effective and safe.
  • Add increased value to your quotes.
  • Dramatically reduce scrapped parts.


Our Clients Say...

"Stentech service and customer focus are unparalleled. Very fast turnarounds, even when rushed, and prices that are very competitive.Your ability to solve our cutting plate problems (CNC milling services) was impressive. Thank you for being so courteous even when we are often very demanding."
- R. Doucet,
Process Engineer, CAE Inc.

You guys couldn't serve us any better than you have. Excellent work every time!
- Bill Dampier, Suntron Corp.

I'm happy to tell you that your service thus far has been excellent. The quality of your stencils have helped tighten our processes and your turnaround time has kept our customers happy. Overall, the experience has exceeded our expectations. Keep up the good work.
- Tom Ferrin, Techfabrik, Inc.
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